How long the Decimort 1.x.x is going to be supported?

Because of upgrading Decimort to version 2.x.x, we regretfully inform that Decimort 1.x.x ceases to be supported after 2016-06-30. It means that after that date:

  • Eventual hotfix updates won't be released anylonger
  • Customer support via Helpdesk won't be available - It concerns the tickets sent to our staff about issues involving Decimort 1.x.x
  • We'll stop from being active paritipants in discussions about Decimort 1.x.x at D16's forum
  • Right to transfer the license ceases, namely it will gain NFR (Not For Resale) status, unless it's part of a bundle, which other members are still supported - then you can resell such license/bundle nevertheless.

However we guarantee that after the date:

  • You keep access to your licenses (key files and installers - for all its versions across history of Decimort 1.x.x) via User Area
  • There'll be still forum dedicated to Decimort 1.x.x enabled for the community of its users

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