If I purchase VST / AU / AAX version of a plug-in, will I get an access to Rack Extension version (and vice versa)

Last update January 19, 2022

Unfortunately no

Due to technical obstacles and cross-differences between Rack Extension specification and the specifications for remaining plug-in formats (VST / AU / AAX), we excluded Rack Extension from the set and created separate line (Rack Extensions) of products, that are sold separately (for example Devastor 2 and Devastor 2 RE).

Products available at D16's online shop are delivered in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats, while Reason's Rack Extensions are available for a purchase at Propellerhead's shop exclusively. Items bought at our online shop and from Propellerhead's shop are separate products (for example Devastor 2 and Devastor 2 RE).

Therefore both products' technical support is handled differently. While you can turn to our staff with any issue regarding the VST/AU/AAX plug-ins, The Rack Extension's technical support at our Helpdesk is limited strictly to issues concerning the usage (reporting bugs, questions regarding usage). The remaining types of issues problems with Rack Extensions, namely; ordering, purchase, installation and activation is handled by Propellerhead's staff.

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