Devastor 2 introduces quite big latency to the DAW, is this normal behavior?

The short answer is Yes - This is expected behavior of Devastor 2

The Devastor's latency varies from 292 to 325 samples depending on the quality settings (at 44.1 kHz sample rate - at higher rates the latency may differ). Such latecy is a result of algorithms applied in Devastor 2, which are the reason for the high quality of the audio output - some sacrifices must be made in order to get better results. Some modules in the plug-in utilize oversampling for greater frequency response and some of modules (like limiter or dynamics) takes advantage of the look-a-head method for better transient detection. Each of these procedures delays the signal a bit thus contributing to overall latency.

If you work with real time recordings and for sake of monitoring require the latency to be as little as possible we can only suggest disabling temporarily the Limiter (which should decrease latency by 146 samples) and to set real time quality to Draft (sparing you approximately another 30 samples). You need although to bear in mind this action will change the sound output a bit.

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