Why Midi Learn function doesn't work under Apple Logic Pro with D16 effect plug-ins

This article concerns Mac OS X users only

MIDI Learn function utilizes MIDI CC (Control Commands) to work. This regards to entire palette of our software.

Apple Logic Pro hosts AU plug-ins exclusively and unfortunately AU technology (at least in classic variant of its specification) doesn't allow an effect plug-in to receive MIDI events.

Concerning D16 effect plug-ins; the MIDI learn function works only in VST variants or in AU versions with AU MIDI Controlled Effect feature enabled. Among all D16 effect plug-ins only Sigmund supports that feature so far. It means that at the moment MIDI Learn DOESN'T work in SilverLine AU plug-ins. However don't worry, soon D16 is going to release maintenance updates of all SilverLine plug-ins (rolling them out one by one) enabling the AU MIDI Controlled Effect feature in each of them making the MIDI Learn function work in Logic Pro and all AU compatible hosts in general.


Naturally this problem doesn't concern AU instruments, since they have MIDI inputs by definition (necessary for receiving MIDI notes).

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