Are the prices of your products net or gross?

Last update January 19, 2022

All the prices of all our products are gross including all necessary taxes if applicable. It means that customer always pays the price visible on product's page. If any taxes need to be applied according to any law it's already within this price and you never has to pay more.

We believe that this is the most fair solution that each customer pays the same price and the price presented is the price to be paid.

It also implies other consequences that you can't count for any tax reduction during purchase. If any tax needs to be applied it is already within the price but if some tax doesn't need to be applied (like in some B2B transactions in Europe) the price won't be lower by that tax. For example when you are EU's VAT registered company the price won't be reduced by the amount of VAT tax. You will pay the same final price as each other customer. This is indeed marginal situation because over 98% of our customers are not such companies and our goal is to serve the most fair pricing for most people we can.

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