Are D16 plugins compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina

Last update June 08, 2020 / This article concerns Mac OS X users only

Officially not, but if you've already upgraded to macOS Catalina or got computer with Catalina preinstalled, our plug-ins will work fine if host application you use is fully approved for the latest macOS version.

Goodbye 32-Bit

Most of the problems with Catalina comes from the fact some of applications still have parts of code written for 32-Bit architecture, while Catalina doesn't support 32-Bit code any longer. Our plug-ins code base is 64bit. So if host app you use is Catalina ready, you shouldn't exprience issues with our plug-ins once they're installed. And here comes installation ....

Software notarization

Another issue is notarization, which our plug-ins still lack of. So if you try to run .pkg file (installer) under Catalina you're very likely be presented with message like "The program can contain virus, contact the deliver to update the program", or something similar. If you've downloaded installer from our servers you don't have to worry about viruses, our installators are safe, but the message is result of lack of app notarization.

To overcome that please do Ctrl + Mouse Click on the .pkg file and select Open from contextual menu.

So far so good? ... nothing is perfect and here comes part three.

Plugins are hosted, they aren't like regular apps

New approach to security requires host applications to have priviledges for specific type of actions when interacting with the system (network access or file access). The bad news is plug-ins can't override them, so if plug-in will need to communicate to system directly (like access to a file or network) and host application will lack of this priviledge it will likely lead to a crash. So keep that in mind when used non-notarized host application.

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