When I change cursor position in DAW the plug-in desynchronizes, what to do?

Last update August 31, 2022


You need to be aware that by default plug-in synchronizes only the moment of using play / stop buttons on tranport panel in your DAW. Once you hit play the cursor position is ignored becuase plug-in uses its internal clock for synchronization with the DAW's tempo.

Benefit of the approach is that it ignores the loops and plays to the degree independenty, making possible utiziling any sort of polyrhytmic combinations of Phoscyon's pattern playing with the rest of the project.

So, when you change cursor position while plug-in is playing, the cursor in Phoscyon isn't re-aligned, so it plays continuously resulting in getting out of sync.

Change the Host Link Active option

Activate the Host Link Active option under the Cog icon:

With the option is enabled, the cursor position of Phoscyon’s sequencer is continuously aligned as long as the pattern plays. Even if it changed while playing

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