How long the Drumazon 1.x.x is going to be supported?

Last update September 09, 2023

Because of upgrading Drumazon to version 2.x.x, we regretfully inform that Drumazon 1.x.x ceases to be supported after 2024-03-09. It means that after that date:

  • Eventual hotfix updates won't be released anylonger
  • Customer support via Helpdesk won't be available - It concerns the tickets sent to our staff about issues involving Drumazon 1.x.x

However we guarantee that after the date:

  • You keep access to your licenses (key files and installers - for all its versions across history of Drumazon 1.x.x) via User Area
  • There'll be still forum dedicated to Drumazon 1.x.x enabled for the community of its users

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