Why there's no MIDI out built-in to LuSH-101?

We decided to not implement MIDI output option into LuSH-101 for two reasons:

  1. In our Classic Boxes series we've added MIDI out because we thought that users would like to take an advantage of built-in internal sequencer controlling third party instruments with it. There certainly was (at the time of Classic Boxes' release) lack of simple step based sequencers as VSTi plug-ins to control other drum modules or samplers. Arpeggiator on the other hand is not a very unique unit. We didn't add MIDI output to LuSH-101, because we don't think users could gain much using it. There're plenty of other VST or MFX arpeggiators available out there that could be used with third party VST/AU instruments.

  2. When you record notes from your MIDI keyboard that control LuSH-101 with arpeggiator turned on, you get 100% repeatable and identical sequence every time you re-play a clip you've recorded.

Both arguments influenced the decision of not adding MIDI out into LuSH-101.

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