I bought products from Your online shop and haven't received anything, what's going on?

Last update January 25, 2022

This article concerns receiving email (from D16's servers) with serial number(s) of the product(s) you purchased.

After buying anything in our online shop, you're supposed to receive (chronologically) email with confirmation of placing an order sent by MyCommerce! Then email notification about successful completion the payment (with invoice / receipt attached) also sent by Share-it!. And shortly after last email message generated by our servers with serial number(s) of the product(s) you bought with instructions how to register in User Area and download them.

If You haven't received Your serial numbers via email, there could be several reasons of that:

  1. Unsuccessful finalization of the payment. In this case you will receive only the confirmation of placing an order and then eventually another email with information that your payment couldn't be realized (credit card limit exceeded, not enough funds on your account - there's a lot of possibilities).

  2. Wire transfer selected as payment method. If you chose as a method of payment a wire transfer, usually it takes a week for completion transaction (withdrawing money from your bank account). Only after payment finalization the serial number can be sent to you.

  3. iDEAL selected as peyment method. Usually this type of payment should be realized instantly, but from experience we know it can take even few hours up to one day to process that payment by MyCommerce (our payment provider).

  4. Email from d16.pl qualified as spam. Sometimes emails sent by our automaton are rejected by a customer's email server or client. We recommend to check out Your spam filter settings, spam/junk folder in Your email client. If still no success we advice You to ask for a serials by submitting ticket at http://helpdesk.d16.pl/tickets, and we'll send them manually.


If you purchased D16 software at one of our distributors you need to contact their staff in order to receive serial number, which is basis for registration at User Area.

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