I'm trying activate older version of D16 plugin, but it asks me for a License Key every time it's loaded. What should I do?

Last update September 09, 2023


Method of manual activation described here refers only to older D16 plug-ins, namely:

  • SilverLine plug-ins up to version 1.3.x (exluding Antresol)
  • Drum Machines up to version 1.6
  • Phoscyon up to version 1.9.5

Manual activation for newer versions and newer products is performed differently.


The procedure described in this article does not apply to Antresol

Sometimes the installer or plugin can't create a specific folder and the key file cannot be copied to this location after its verification. This happens mostly on Macs, eg., when a user does not have the proper permissions set on certain locations. In this situation, you can copy the license key file manually to the correct location.

Please take following actions:


The license key files are stored where the plugin’s .dll (VST) file is installed, so you can just copy the license key file to the same location.

On Mac

License key files are stored in this path: "/Library/Application Support/D16 Group/Plugin Name/" For example, for Drumazon the path would be: "/Library/Application Support/D16 Group/Drumazon/"

First, make sure that this location exists. If not, please manually create the required folders.

Once this is done, the plugin should be able to copy the key file to the proper location. (Of course, it is always possible to copy the key file manually to the correct location.)

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