After updating / upgrading my Logic Pro the Decimort crashed validation

Last update January 31, 2023 / This article concerns Mac OS X users only

It's known issue and we're going to release a bug fix shortly. Until then you may use work around including clean reinstallation. So please follow these steps:

  1. You need to remove previous Decimort installation. So, go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder on your Macintosh HD branch and remove Decimort.vst file.

  2. Then, go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder on your Macintosh HD and remove Decimort.component file.

  3. Next, go to Library/Application Support/Decimort folder on your Macintosh HD and remove its contents.

  4. Now download the latest version of Decimort from D16 web site and go through installation process. Don't open Logic Pro yet.

  5. Start Terminal and enter following command:

    auval -v aufx DCm4 d16g

    If will perform validation for Decimort plug-in, it should end with


    sentence at the end. If it won't try to re-enter this command (use cursor up key to recall the last entered command).

  6. Now another command for testing 64bit Decimort:

    auval -64 -v aufx DCm4 d16g

    As in previous step, try to rerun the command if validation fails.

  7. Start Logic Pro and before loading Decimort run Audio Units Manager (from main menu - Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio Units Manger ...)

  8. Find Decimort onthe list. Probably the Logic checkbox will be unchecked, if that's the case, check it. Click Done at the bottom and try to load Decimort.

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