How to setup plug-in's MIDI out in Ableton Live using D16 instrument

This entry shows how to setup MIDI out in Phoscyon, but it can be done exactly same way with each plug-in from Classic Boxes Collection (Drumazon, Nithonat or Nepheton as well). It's made using Albeton Live, but it can be achieved in every host that support VST plug-in format.

Putting it as simple as possible; MIDI out feature allows to use Internal sequencer of a plug-in to control other sound module / drum synth. Sequence is stored and edited in a the D16's instrument, while sound is generated by third party plug-in.

  1. Start Ableton Live, you'll need at least two MIDI track to set the plug-in's MIDI out.

    First one will be the source (where Phoscyon will be inserted as generator). Second one will be receiving MIDI notes from Phoscyon; here we can put any VST instrument that will play received notes.

  2. In I/O section of the second track, we select using the MIDI from combobox MIDI source; we choose Phosyon's track one in this case.

  3. In same section below there's another combo for selecting plug-in from the track selected above as MIDI source:

    You guessed, we pick Phoscyon.

  4. The only thing left is Arming second track and pressing play button in Ableton Live, so the notes coming out the Phoscyon could be received by the second track.

    We now may put any instrument on the second to be receiving notes from our Bassline (or Drum Machine if we used here any other item from Classic Boxes Collection).

For Mac OS X users

This won't work with AU version of any of the Classic Boxes, or host application that supports AU plug-in format exclusively; that especially concerns Logic Pro users. You have to use host compatible with VST plug-in format to take an advantage of MIDI out feature.

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