How to export sequence from internal sequencer into a MIDI clip where D16 instrument is used

If you prepared your sequences internally using any of the D16's Classic Boxes and you'd like to switch from Internal mode to the External and work over the sequnce as MIDI clip in your host application, it can't be done simple way (that's one of the most desired feature and hottest on our ToDo list).

You may apply however a way around to do that by taking advantage of MIDI out feature under condition you use VST format for our plug-in. If so you may be interested in become familiar how to use MIDI out feature, which is described in detail in this entry:

It concerns setting up MIDI out feature in Ableton Live, but can be done basically in almost every host app that supports VST instruments.

For Mac OS X users

This won't work with AU version of our Classic Boxes plug-ins, or host application that supports AU plug-in format exclusively; that especially concerns Logic Pro users. You have to use host compatible with VST plug-in format to take an advantage of MIDI out feature.

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