AU version doesn't pass validation after updating the plug-in

This article concerns Mac OS X users only

We've been reported about this problem by several our customers already and we're doing all we can to fix this and release patch as soon as possible.

The reason the problem appears is that recently we've switched to entirely new installation building tool on Mac OS X, and seemingly it still requires some extra tunning when comes to dealing with file privileges, especially when built installer has to overwrite Audio Unit file (like in case of updating Sigmund 1.0.0 to Sigmund 1.1.0.

For the time being you should remove previously installed Audio Unit plugin to work around this problem. So if this concerns you follow these steps:

  • Close all hosting applications you use (Logic Pro, Live etc)
  • Go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder on your Macintosh HD and remove Sigmund.component file.
  • Start Sigmund 1.1.0 installer and go through installation process once again
  • Just in case remove also AU cache file to force a host application to go through the validation process one more time; so: Go to ~/Library/Caches/ folder and remove file from there
  • Empty the Trash bin
  • Start hosting application you use, Sigmund should be marked as valid


~ (tilde) means your user's home directory. Very often /Library folder in user's home directory is hidden and you won't see it normally in Finder. Then please select Go menu in Finder tool and choose Go to Folder ... option. Type in ~/Library in the window and Finder will open this hidden directory. Then just browse to Application Support and continue checking.

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