After installation plug-in doesn't show up in Cubase

Last update January 26, 2022

Can be several reasons for that;

Mess with VST folders

After installing the plugin, it did not show up in the usual plugin folder. But it was listed under Devices / Plugin - information. There the status of the plugin was Not loadable.

The solution now is just to make the folder of the plugin's .dll file (PC) or .vst file (Mac) known to Cubase by simply clicking the button Add and then selection the folder where the plugin's file is stored. Finally restart Cubase and everything just works fine.


Thanks to Dirk Scheffel for pointing the problem and the solution.

Missing runtime libraries (concerns Windows users)

One of possible reasons why plug-in doesn't show up on plug-ins list may be outdated, damaged or missing runtime libraries that D16's plug-ins utilize. In most cases due to disabled Windows Update service in your system's properties or changes made to your system by third party application's actions.

You may download and install those libraries manually.


If you use 64bit host application, you need to install both variants of the runtime library (32bit and 64bit)

D16 Plugins blacklisted

Due to some turbulences during first scan the plug-in could have been blacklisted. This results in further (manual) re-scans being uneffective. The simplest remedy is to delete the blacklist file from Cubase App Data folder.

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