I received gift code where can I realize it?

Last update September 09, 2021

Gift code is a 30 characters long, uppercase alphanumeric string which allows you to receive free license (100% discount).

To redeem the code and receive actual license for it you visit:


  1. Sign in to your User Area account. If you don't have one, Sign up before.

  2. After you log in, click the Redeem Gift button

  3. Enter gift code you received and click Next

  4. Verify information about the gift code and click Redeem. If process ends successfully license is automatically assigned to your account afterwards.


Most situations in which you can receive gift code relate to winning prize in a contest, lottery or give away. So then you might've received a gift code.

Optional coupon code

Some of gift codes comes with a coupon code which can be used for later purchase at our online shop. In this kind of gift codes the coupon code is automatically assigned to User Area account as well along with the license the gift code makes possible to redeem.

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