I can't get to the userarea.d16.pl service on macOS using any browser

This article concerns Mac OS X users only

If you can connect to the User Area from your mobile device, but cannot reach it from your desktop / laptop computer the most probable reason why is so, are the alterations made to the hosts config file on your computer by third party software.

To check that out please follow these steps:

  • Open Terminal app

  • Enter following command into terminal (and hit enter) to open the hosts file with Nano text editor with administrative priviledges

    sudo nano /etc/hosts

    Confirm the comand with your administrator password.

  • Nano editor with hosts file will be opened. If you notice any line that involves userarea.d16.pl address, please comment that line by adding # sign at the beginning of that line. If you cannot find any reference to userarea.d16.pl domain, please close the Terminal and stop following this troubleshooter.

  • To save the changes use CTRL + O combo and to exit from the Nano editor use CTRL + X combo on your keyboard.

  • To make the changes being taken into account enter following command into Terminal and hit return:

    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

    Confirm the comand with your administrator password.

    The command will flush your Mac's DNS cache, so it doesn't get confused by any changes you've made to the Hosts file.

Terminal app

If you can't find it, it's located in Utilities folder in Applications list when you open Finder

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