How to register and activate product using License Key file (for older products)?

Last update December 04, 2023

This procedure applies to the following products:

  • Nithonat
  • Sigmund
  • and all legacy versions

User Area account


You have to add the license at D16 User Area account, it's a place where all our products you purchased are gathered to give you possibility of downloading them anytime you want (for first installation, when update is released, you need to re-install software etc)

If you don't have a User Area account

  1. Click the Sign up button

  2. Fill out the form and click Create button.


    It's very important to give a valid email address because you will receive an activation link at the given address.

  3. Your account has been created and activation link is sent at the given email address. Click the activation link from received email.

If you have User Area account or just created one

  1. Sign in to your newly created User Area account

  2. Use Add license button to add license to the account using received serial number

License activation

Assuming you’ve been signed in to your User Area account.

  1. Click Activate button in the product you wish to activate

  2. Hit Download product name Key button from the popup window to start downloading to your downloads.

  3. If you've already gone through the installation process, just open your host application (DAW) and load an instance of the plugin you wish to activate.

  4. Open plugin's edit window (GUI)

  5. Before activation, our plugins work in demo mode. Upon loading the GUI, a splash screen will be shown with an Activate button.

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