Plugin setup / installation on Windows - Step by step

Last update February 04, 2022 / This article concerns Windows users only

  1. After you download .msi installation file, use mouse double-click to open it

  2. Once you open setup you will be greeted with the setup window:

    Click Next to continue

  3. Next stage is becoming familiar with User License Agreement

    After you become familiar with the EULA tick the I accept the terms in the License Agreement checkbox and hit Next to continue

  4. Now you can select which plug-in formats you want to install

    Using the dropdown icon next to each plug-in format we can decide whether install / not-install particular format:

    • Will be installed on local drive - Plug-in format will be installed
    • Entire feature will be unavailable - Plug-in format won't be installed

    There are following plug-in formats available (the available options may vary from product to product):

    • VST2 - By default VST2 is installed to C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\D16 Group folder. You need to refer to your DAW / Host application settings and change the install location (if necessary) accordingly. Use the Browse button to select new install location for VST2 plugin format.

    • VST3 (if available) - You can't change its install location. This format is installed into default system location all DAW / Host applications will be able to access the plug-in from.

    • AAX (if available) - You can't change its install location. This is plug-in format recognizeable by Pro Tools only and it's installed into designated by Pro Tools location it'll have access to.

    No standalone application

    D16 Group software is installed as plug-ins only, meaning there's no standalone application and you can directly launch from Start menu. You need DAW / Hosting application compatible with one of plug-in formats we ship the product as.

    Plugin formats availability

    Plugin format availability varies from product to product. For details about compatibility / and which plug-in formats are available for specific product, please refer to this compatibility chart.

    Once you've selected appropriate formats to install hit Next button to continue

  5. Now you're ready to install the product:

    Click Install button to continue. You will be prompted by the system to allow the installer to make changes on the device. Please allow it.

  6. The product has been installed

    Click Finish button to close the installer and conclude the installation.

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