Plugin stopped working in Logic Pro 10.7.8, what to do?

Last update June 27, 2023 / This article concerns Mac OS X users only


It looks there’re some problems around the latest Logic Pro version, version number 10.7.8 to be precise.

Many users report issues they experience with 3rd party Audio Unit plug-ins. It doesn’t concern D16 plug-ins only. You can read more about this over here (at the Logic Pro community on Apple’s forum):

The problem concerns precisely updated versions of Logic, meaning if you updated logic from older version on your machine to Logic 10.7.8. Seems Logic Pro corrupts some of its files making impossible loading some Audio Unit plug-ins. Precise reason is still unknown.

Users who made clear installation of Logic 10.7.8 (meaning they didn’t have preciously installed older version) aren’t affected.

There are two solutions suggested among Logic Pro and Developers communities;

Solution 1) Downgrade

Installing older version of Logic (using backup) helps in all cases.

Solution 2) Removing Logic's PLIST file

Which fixes the problem most of the time.

Custom settings / key commands will be gone

Note that any custom preference settings that you’ve made will be gone. Save any custom key commands that you’ve created otherwise they will be wiped out as well. Custom key commands can be exported beforehand:

To remove plist file follow this instruction:

  1. Quit Logic Pro
  2. In the Finder, choose Go -> Go to Folder
  3. Enter ~/Library/Preferences, then click Go.
  4. Remove the file from the Preferences folder
  5. If you upgraded from Logic 9 or earlier to Logic Pro, also remove the file.
  6. Empty Trash bin and restart your Mac.

After deleting the plist file, try to insert the plugin and try to reproduce the issue that you were experiencing.

If the issue no longer occurs, choose Logic Pro > Settings (or Preferences), re-apply your custom settings, and import your custom key commands.

Very likely the problem will be resolved in the Logic Pro updates to come.

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