How to activate plug-in with licence key file (concerns older products)?

Last update June 06, 2024

This method applies for D16 Group's legacy plugins

Please follow the instruction:

  1. Log in to your User Area account and download the License Key File to some temporary location on your hard drive (e.g., desktop or Downloads folder).

    To download the file, use Activate button:


  2. If you've already gone through the installation process, just open your host application (DAW) and load an instance of the plugin you wish to activate.

  3. Open plugin's edit window (GUI). See your host application’s manual if you are unclear on how to do this.

  4. Before activation, our plugins work in demo mode. Upon loading the GUI, a splash screen will be shown with an Activate button.

  5. Click Activate button to load the key file from the location you saved it to in (step 1 e.g. desktop or Downloads folder). That’s it! Your plugin should now be activated.

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