I forgot log-in details to my User Area, can't get to my account.

In such situation try to use Password reminder (if you remember email address your account is registered for).

Click Forgot your password link at User Area log-in page.

Now enter email address you're certain you used during registration or / and when you log in to your account previously and click Send button. After successful completion you will receive email with a password reset link.

I received no email!

If despite giving correct email address you haven't received anything, please check our your spam filter settings and / or spam / junk folders in your email client. If you found the message among the spam please mark it as not-a-spam to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

I don't have access to the email box anylonger

In such situation Submit an issue ticket using the button below with request of updating your email address at User Area along with providing us information allowing us to find your User Area account (email address is sufficient for that). Additionally we'll require information that will verify the claim (confirm identity of the owner of claimed User Area account); serial number of any license you own OR living address you entered at the moment of creating User Area will work.

Not suitable solution?

Use the search or contact our staff:

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