Am I allowed to transfer the licence to other person?

The answer is Yes for Software Licenses. The only exception is when You have a NFR licence.

NFR and FULL license statuses are permanent. That means the receiver of FULL license will get also FULL license.

When You find a customer for the plug-in You own, just go to License transfer tab at your User Area account and follow the instructions.


Sample libraries

You're not allowed to transfer Sample Libraries to another user, License Agreement between D16 Group and final user explicitly forbids it.

Discontinued products

Single discountinued product is non-transferrable either unless it's part of a bundle (then rule below applies).


Bundles are only allowed to be resold or transferred combined.

User Area accounts

If you are about to transfer all your licenses, please remember that you are not supposed to give away the details of your User Area account to a person you are selling your licenses to. You always need to fill out the License Transfer form at User Area and wait till the moment when license transfer is finalized (you'll be notified via email).

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