I received serial number(s), what to do to be able to download the product?

You have to register the serial number / license at D16 User Area, it's a place where all our products you purchased are gathered to give you possibility of downloading them anytime you want (for first installation, when update is released, you need to re-install software etc)

If you didn't have D16 product before and this is your very first then:

Go to https://userarea.d16.pl

  • Click the Create New Account button
  • Paste serial number you received and click Go button
  • A form filled up with your personal details will be shown, just click Proceed button. In a case that form is empty, you'll need to fill it up. It's very important to give a valid email address.
  • Now, your account has been created and you're automatically logged-in to it. Also your temporary password to the User Area account was sent via email at the address given by You.

If you've received more than one serial number and you've already used one of them to create the User Area account, you may register remaining serials following the procedure below.

If you've already had an account at User Area

If you've had an account at User Area already, the serial number(s) you received have to be added to the existing User Area account, instead of using them to create new account.

  • Log-in to your User Area account
  • Use Register new product button to the account's license pool.

The procedure has to be repeated for every serial you've got one by one.

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