Plugin asks me for a License Key every time it's loaded. What should I do?

If despite having activated a plug-in once, a splash window still keeps saying you're using an unactivated version and asks for a license key file every time the plugin is loaded in your host application, you may activate it manually by copying the license key file (one with .d16key or .key extension) to the proper location on your hard drive:

  • On PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1):

    \Users\[your_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\D16 Group\[plugin_name]\

    What [your_user_name] means?

    This refers to the name you use to log in to your system; so, when looking for a path on Windows, just replace [your_user_name] with the name of your system user.

    What [plugin_name] means?

    This one should be replaced with plug-in's name you try to activate.

  • On Mac:

    ~/Library/Application Support/D16 Group/[plugin_name]/"

    What '~' stand for?

    '~' means your user's home directory. Very often "/Library" folder in user's home directory is hidden and you won't see it normally in Finder. If so, please select the Go menu in Finder and choose Go to Folder... option. Type "~/Library" in the window and Finder will open this hidden directory. Then just, browse to Application Support continue on down the tree.

    What [plugin_name] means?

    This one should be replaced with plug-in's name you try to activate.

First make sure the location exists. If not please create manually required folders.


The method of manual activation described in here refers only to more recently released D16 software namely:

  • a SilverLine Collection (excluding Antresol) plug-in at version 1.4.x
  • Nepheton, Drumazon, Nithonat at version 1.6.x
  • Phoscyon at version 1.9.5

Then try method described in this article instead. All remaining plug-ins (newer versions of products mentioned above or other products) are activated the way described here.


The method of manual activation from the article concerns license key files with d16key and key file extensions. It can't be applied for the activation keys with d16auth extension (the problem just doesn't concern the new d16auth activation keys)

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