After updating a plug-in it disappeared from the plug-ins list

This article concerns Mac OS X users only

It may happen your OS X version is no longer suported by the current version of D16 plug-in. On such occasions it's recommended either upgrading your OS X version or going back to older version of our product.

If you choose the second way of resolving this problem, having a valid account at User Area gives you an access to all versions of a plug-in you do own a license for.

Where can i find the downloads? It's fairly simple:

  1. Before proceeding with de-updating; make sure which version of a plug-in will be suitable for your OS X version and host application. You may do it by checking plug-in's compatibilty chart here.

  2. Log-in to your User Area account and from the product's item section click the Old versions link.


  3. It'll expand a list of the links to all previous versions of the product available to download:


  4. Download and run installer that will be suitable for your platform accordingly with the plug-in's compatibility chart.

Not suitable solution?

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